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Me gusta

I like them, specialy cuz they have a lot of grain.

Good presets

They give a nice vintage look! :)
I recommend them

Good presets

Gives that old school look without looking too old school

love .. true to aesthetic

on point and many diff version and grains for diff need of photos. great value for money. A lot of downloads for the $price.

Nice preset’s

Work fine, not like film emulations but the give a nice filmy look.


I really loved using them

The prettiest filters ever!

I have spent hundreds of dollars on filters and they never look good. I came across this pack and I am in love! They make my photos look so professional and even prettier than the originals.

Unique and great results

I didn't expect this much of uniqueness, however I am surprised and the purchase was well worth it.

Worth the purchase

Love these, perfect for my travel photos and personal pictures. Feels like an actual Kodak photo.

Beautiful! (Kodak Film Presets)

Those presets are absolutely stunning! Beautiful colors, nice mood and it enriches basically every picture I have edited with them!

Loved it!

Great value for money

Worked like a charm on my vintage style pics!

Love these!

I love these presets and I love how you get an update when they update the package!

Tropical Presets
Chelsea S.

These are so beautiful and easy to use!! So happy I downloaded these and can take my photos to the next level!

Love the Family presets. The instructions to install & transfer to Lightroom is very easy and explained well.
I've been editing non stop, first presets I ever bought and it looks perfect.

Black Presets
Veronica A.

This preset hits different with all my Photos - Awesome! 🤍

Muted tones

I love the preset make the picture really stand out

Love them!

Love these presets, they work so well with the blend that i am trying to create on my page.
Thanks guys!

Good presets

The presets are great, now I have the challenge of finding what looks good for all of my dogs Instagram posts! Many choices but the family and muted tones work great 😊


me gustan mucho para editar mis fotos

Family Presets
karla s.

I purchased 4 sets. I absolutely love it. It gives a depth to my photos without having to spend time in Lightroom to self-correct or enhance my pictures. The Family pre-set is by far my favourite.

Black Presets
Ahmad A.
Best preset ever

In love with black preset

Amazing presets! Also very helpful with any questions. Quick response as well!!! Will buy again!!!

Bright Presets
Viviana A.
Light and Beautiful

Great set of presets to really brighten the pictures in a natural way that matches the vibe of the picture

Blogger Presets
Guillermina R.

Absolutely loved them! All three are amazing and very different from one another. Definitely recommend!