How to add LUTs to Vegas Pro

1. Download and unzip the LUT

Download LUTs, and extract the files in a location that’s easily accessible for you. 

2. Open the 'Media FX' tab

From the project manager, you can right-click on any footage in order to open the 'Media FX' tab. From there, you will be able to import LUTs into Vegas Pro.

3. Add the Vegas 'LUT Filter'

From the 'Media FX' panel you can install plug-ins for your program, so go ahead and install the 'Vegas LUT Filter'. You can find it in the 'OFX' tab.

4. Add your LUT

In the next tab that opens, you can create a new LUT preset. Choose a name, and import the file you extracted in the first step of this tutorial. 

5. Apply your LUT

Now that everything is set, you can apply the preset containing the LUT to any project you need. It’s super straightforward, and you can save a lot of time when editing.

By using this method you can apply the LUT to one video, or the whole timeline in order to maintain consistency.